Building a Roadmap for Maximizing Your Primavera P6

Video: Building a Roadmap for Maximizing Your Primavera P6

In this video John Jackson from Encore Group discusses the importance of building a roadmap for implementing Primavera P6 software. He highlights common implementation strategies that lead to failure and provides five stages for a successful implementation.

Key Highlights:

  • Implementations often fail due to a lack of defined success criteria and clear goals. It is crucial for organizations to determine what they want to achieve before implementing new technology.
  • The five stages of a successful implementation are: Define, Discover, Design, Develop, and Deploy. Each stage has its own objectives and tasks that contribute to the overall success of the implementation.
  • Developing corporate standards and rethinking processes are key challenges in implementing new technology. Organizations must standardize procedures and train employees on new processes to ensure a smooth implementation.
  • A successful implementation can bring numerous benefits, including improved duration management, resource management, risk management, and early problem resolution.
  • Consulting services can be valuable in roadmap development and implementation. Consultants can help organizations structure their goals, provide expertise in hardware and software customization, and assist with training and procedure development.
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