Primavera P6 Live Virtual Training – August 7th and 8th

Primavera P6 Live Virtual Training – August 7th and 8th


Join Encore for this live web-based, 2-day Primavera P6 training session from 08/07/24 to 08/08/24 and dive deep into the intricacies of building a project schedule in P6. This comprehensive training covers everything from setting up a schedule and constructing a detailed Work Breakdown Structure to adding activities, understanding logic, working with calendars, and beyond. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to elevate your project management skills in our new today!

Instance Setup Fee ($50 Per Instance)


Step into the world of effective project scheduling on August 7th and 8th with Encore’s intensive 2-day Web-Based Primavera P6 training. Designed meticulously for novices and seasoned professionals, this course delves into the essentials of P6 project scheduling.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Setting Up a Schedule: Begin with the fundamentals and grasp the nuances of initializing an accurate project timeline.
  • Constructing a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS): Understand the blueprint of your project by learning to create a detailed WBS, a cornerstone for any successful project.
  • Activities and Logic Integration: Explore how to populate your schedule with relevant activities and introduce logic to ensure seamless project flows.
  • Working with Calendars: Master the art of calendar integration to align with project requirements, holidays, and more.

Bonus Inclusion: Every participant will be gifted a printable training manual designed to be a companion long after the course concludes. This comprehensive guide ensures you have a tangible reference as you navigate through the complexities of Primavera P6 in real-world scenarios. Join us for a transformative experience and equip yourself with the skills to lead, manage, and execute projects confidently.


April 18th and 19th, 2024


10:00AM – 4:00PM



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